Our Concept

Children Need Music, and They Love Music

Children need and love music. Isn’t it wonderful to see how spontaneously they react to rhythm and melody? How excited they become clapping their hands, singing along, naturally moving to music?


Children respond to music already in the womb. Their need for tone and rhythm is anchored in their developmental biology. Did you know that the ear is the very first organ that is completely formed after only a few weeks into a pregnancy?
The ability to make music is inherent within every child, meaning all children have musical potential that can, with appropriate encouragement, be developed during the first years of childhood. The ideal age for building a strong musical foundation is from birth to five years!

And this is exactly where our early childhood music education program comes in. Without any pressure, but with lots of fun while we sing, dance and make music together.

The music provided by this class is by itself worth the cost of admission.Tim, Kai’s Dad

Music Makes You Smart

Countless scientific studies have all come to the same indisputable conclusion: Music fosters children’s intelligence and has positive effects on logical reasoning and spatial relations.


Music does not only foster creativity, but it also positively enhances social behavior. Children and babies who make music are perceived as more communicative and well-balanced.

The concept of mixed age groups ion one class supports a child’s character development and also helps to develop each child’s individual personality through peer modeling and shared music making. Music fosters creativity and has positive effects on social behavior. Children who make music are perceived as more communicative and well-balanced.

I highly recommend these classes for anyone wanting an English language activity with their kids.Donova, Etienne’s Dad

Why in English?

Children playfully absorb new information more quickly than adults, making them little experts at learning languages!

Studies have shown that learning and speaking another language is easiest when a child develops a feeling for it as early as possible. Singing songs in English in the courses cultivates exactly that.


The English lyrics are introduced to the children by echo and movement games, rhythmic verses and inspiring melodies. In that way, the sound of the English language becomes familiar to the ear taking advantage of the children's natural linguistic abilities.


Therefore we combine music with English in our classes. Even though the lessons are held in English, no previous knowledge of English is required.


Children Learn Best Through Repetition

Parents’ active participation in Little Music Makers® enables the children to access their own musicality. If the parents have fun making music so will the children.

Each 10-week course includes a new songbook and a CD to keep. We have observed that listening to the music at home strengthens what we have experienced together during the class. 

The songs of our CDs have been lovingly arranged and include a wide range of music styles like jazz, blues, rock, pop, folk, world and classical music. Not only do kids love listening to our music but their parents do too!

This Is Where the Music Plays

You’ll find us in Berlin and in Hamburg.